The Legend

The Legend of the Unicorn Dust

by: Robyn Kitt

It was a mild spring day that started out much like every other day, I was sitting at the table sipping on my coffee while my child Elle was outside playing.  Suddenly the door flung open with an excited force. Elle came running in with a paper in their hand. “Mommy, Mommy, you have to read this!” they exclaimed. They handed me a paper that looked to be weathered and old. There were no markings on it all just a short paragraph, handwritten in ink that read:

  “In the woods of a Pennsylvania park, there exists a covered bridge that unlocks the magic of the unicorn. After passing through the bridge any person who is an ally of the unicorn could potentially see one of these majestic creatures. It is said that The Chosen One (a woman who was chosen by the unicorns to spread their magic) sometimes roams these woods. The Chosen One travels through the woods looking for worthy peo­ple to gift magical unicorn dust and spread the magical protection and kindness of the unicorns.”

 Elle and I are always up for an adventure. We often go hiking, fishing, or just exploring our parks. It seemed clear what we had to do next, we had to go look for these unicorns! We noticed one of the clues in the note mentioned a covered bridge, so we decided we would go to the only park that we knew had one. It just so happened to be one of our favorite spots! We hopped in the car and bopped to our favorite tunes as we began our journey. After parking the car, we began our short journey down a winding rocky path straight into the lush green woods.

We love to look at all the nature around us, we especially love to look for animal tracks on the ground to see what magical creatures surround us! This time of course, we focused on signs that Unicorns could be hiding out around us. We check for hoof prints, broken branches, and fresh paths in the woods. We made sure to scan the areas off the trail to see if we could spot one! We rounded the rocky path to an opening that seemed to perfectly frame the beautiful covered bridge, I can’t remember the last time I looked at this bridge and saw it look so magical.

It truly was a beautiful sight to see, the bridge was made of strong wood that has grayed with age, it reminded us of a grand doorway or gate to a palace. As we got closer to the bridge, the sunlight beamed through the other side, it was almost as if walking through the covered bridge would transport us into a magical world. As we made our way through the covered bridge, we noticed a lovely woman in a beautiful flowing dress with long hair floating in the breeze. She was sitting on the stone wall on the other side of the bridge. As Elle and I got closer, we noticed she had the kindest eyes and warmest smile we had ever seen. She greeted us with a smile and asked us what brought us to the woods today.

Elle looked at her, and quickly looked back to me, I have always taught them not to talk to strangers. I could tell their eyes were eager for me to tell her why we were there, so I began to tell her what brought us to these woods today. I explained that we love to explore. I told her all about the mysterious handwritten note, and I told her about the unicorn legend we read about and our hopes of spotting one of the majestic creatures on our adventure today.

This kind woman seemed to know a lot about this legend, maybe she was there trying to observe a unicorn as well? Regardless of why she was there, she was very helpful in letting us know a little more about the legend.

She explained to us that an “ally of the unicorn” means a lot more than just being a friend to the unicorns. A true ally can only be a person who has kindness in their heart, and magic in their soul. She explained a unicorn would never show themselves to just anyone, but they could always sense those two characteristics in any human. Unicorns must be cautious of who they show themselves to, because their horns are made of magic, and they don’t want their magic to get into the wrong hands. She told us that unicorn dust is the dust that comes off their horns when they are filing them on the trees to keep them shiny. A unicorn horn never stops growing, so the unicorn must file it down to manage its size and to make sure the sparkle is as bright and shiny and magical as ever.

All the magic resides in that beautiful horn, so the dust is very special, and anyone that has the dust will always be protected by that special unicorn magic. She also told us that if you have that dust, the unicorns can sense it and they would be even more likely to show themselves to you. The unicorns know you are worthy because the only way anyone can get that dust is if they were gifted it from The Chosen One herself. The Chosen One will only give that dust to a true ally of the unicorn. If you have the dust on you, the unicorns will know if you are truly being a kind person.

Elle and I were so happy to learn more about this legend. What were the odds that we would run into someone who knew so much about it? I turned to the woman and asked her, “How would the chosen one know if you are an ally to the unicorn?” She smiled and told us that The Chosen One can communicate with the unicorns, she knows if the unicorns show themselves to someone without unicorn dust, that they truly have kindness in their heart and magic in their souls. A unicorn’s magic can see right into the soul, they know if you are kind, if you treat people with respect and if your heart is always in the right place.

She mentioned that sometimes The Chosen One will ask a unicorn to go close to the person she is testing, and if that person can see the unicorn, she knows that their kind heart and magical soul are true and pure, and that they are worthy of the gift of the unicorn dust.

We thanked this lovely woman for her time, we couldn’t wait to get started on our search so we headed right down the trail towards a little place we would always visit, it was a tiny little island in the creek. We decided we would now call our special place “unicorn island”. We were now looking at this park in a completely different way, it almost felt like it was a brand-new adventure.

As we were making our way down the path Elle heard a rustle just outside of the path. They stopped, they tapped me and pointed towards the direction of the sound. We both stared into the thick woods and that is when it happened! At first, we noticed something glistening amongst all the leaves and branches, it didn’t look like a tree or flower or leaves, this was shiny. We heard a footstep and that is when the little shiny speck grew larger, and walking towards us was the most majestic, beautiful white unicorn with a long gorgeous white mane flowing in the breeze.

He was surrounded by leaves and flowers that were perfectly framing his body, The sunlight was creeping through the canopy of the forest like small spotlights illuminating him as if he were the star of his very own show. The most unmistakable sight was the sparkling horn prominently placed upon his head. The sunlight caused a prism of light to refract from his horn and cast rainbows on all the leaves surrounding him. We both gasped in amazement and in that instant, he disappeared!

After we both caught our breath, we looked at each other, did we just see a Unicorn with our own eyes? Elle looked up at me “Mom, you saw that right?” I looked at them and nodded my head in amazement.

We decided to head back to the kind woman who told us so much about the legend, we wanted to let her know what we had seen. We wanted to guide her to the area so maybe she could see him too. When we got back to her, she was smiling and before we could even tell her what happened, she reached into her bag and handed me a pouch.

“What is this?”, I said. She explained that she already knew we saw the unicorn, and that in this pouch was magical unicorn dust. She gave it to us and told us to find a way to spread the protection and magic of the unicorn to as many people as we can. The unicorn dust is magic, it will never run out, much like the unicorn horns themselves, this dust will regenerate, it should be passed down from generation to generation, and only to the kindest of people.

I opened the pouch slowly, and the unicorn dust was sparkling and shining, casting beautiful colors like I have never seen before. A sense of pure magic, calm and kindness came over me. The woman we met had to be The Chosen One! She must have sent a message to the unicorns to find out if we were allies. When the majestic unicorn made himself appear to us, she knew we had true kindness in our hearts and magic in our souls!

“You are the Chose one.” I said with a smile. She nodded and said “Yes, now please spread the magic of this unicorn dust to all who are allies”. We thanked her, and I held the pouch of unicorn dust close to me as we made our way back to the car.

Elle and I barely spoke a word on the way home, we were both reflecting on the magic we experienced that day. We have gone back many times over the past 7 years, we have never seen The Chosen One again, or another unicorn, but we do see signs of them all around those woods and we will never stop searching. For now, we will make it our mission to spread the unicorn dust to as many people as possible. Unicorn dust takes our worries away, it protects us with the magic of the unicorns, and it reminds us to always be kind.

In order to spread our unicorn dust to all, we began to add the dust to our magical creations, so all truly kind people can have the protection and magic of the Unicorns.

There are no other accessories like the ones from Mythical Wonderland Workshop, because ours are infused with real unicorn dust, no matter what we make, we always add unicorn dust to it, after all, we were gifted with this responsibility.

Remember, simply having the unicorn dust won’t make them show themselves to you, you must first be sure you are an ally to the unicorns by having kindness in your heart, and magic in your soul. The unicorn dust will just amplify that, and surround its keeper with protection, calm and kindness. Maybe someday you will be lucky enough to see one too! But if not, at least you will always have a part of them with you, and you will forever be a part of the legend!

Having kindness in your heart means that you would never choose to hurt anyone or anything. It means that you help people who need it. When you see someone struggling, go to them. When you see someone being bullied, stick up for them. When someone needs a helping hand, be that person. Kindness is infectious! Your kindness will help others be kind too!

Do you have magic in your soul?

Having magic in your soul means that you believe in the impossible. It means that no matter how hard something seems, you won’t quit. It means that you will never stop spreading the positivity and notion that anything is possible!

Do you have “Unicorn Dust”?

For a little extra luck, Do you have something that has Unicorn Dust in it? Unicorn dust is the magic dust that comes from a unicorn horn! It’s only found inside every one of Mythical Wonderland Workshop’s creations as they are the only ones that were gifted the dust from the Chosen One!

Be Brave. Be Adventurous. Be Whimsical.

Most importantly, be like a unicorn and be kind…