Custom Order Information

Hello! We are so glad you are interested in a custom order from us. 

We can create custom versions of almost anything you see on our site and we love working with our clients to create the perfect end result. Here you will find information on costs and the process of customization.

Custom Laser Projects (Examples)

  • Custom ornaments
  • Custom keychains / Charms
  • Custom silicone molds
  • Custom acrylic blanks

Our Process

ARTWORK - We will ask you to supply the artwork, if the artwork is not a vector, we will need to process the artwork to make it laser ready. We will require a standard deposit of $10 in order to begin working on your artwork. This is non-refundable however it will be included towards the final cost of your custom product. In other words, if we spend time working on your art and then you decide you don't want the custom product, we will still be paid for the time we worked on your artwork. 

DESIGN - Once you have approved the artwork we will ask you many questions to make sure we are getting your custom order exactly as you want it, we may ask you to show us examples of what you are looking for, or even to show us your creations so we have a better understanding of what you do! We will then discuss with you the materials we will be using to create your product. 

COST - The price of your final piece will be based on a very specific calculation we use which we will outline below.

LASER - $2.76 per hourOur laser costs money to run, there are only so many hours that we can put on our laser before the laser will need to be replaced, there are also many other components of this machine that will experience wear and tear during use. We have calculated the cost of running our laser based on electricity and wear and tear. Our cost for running the laser is $2.76 per hour. After your artwork is approved I will be able to tell you exactly how long the product will take to cut. Most cuts will be under 1 hour, however extremely intricate projects can take many hours. 

PREP TIME - $25 per hour. Prep time is the amount of time we need to spend on your artwork to make it laser ready. You can greatly reduce the cost of your project by providing us with an SVG of your artwork from the start. The $10 deposit you give us to begin working on your project will be credited towards this.  Prep time is $25 per hour. Most artwork will not take more than 1 hour to prep, unless it is extremely intricate or we are starting from scratch. 

PRODUCTION - $10 per hour. From the moment the laser starts, we will begin working on producing your final product. For safety purposes our machine must be manned during the duration of production. Once the cut is done, we then take your product and prep it.

  • For acrylic blanks we must weed, clamp and bond the acrylic
  • For silicone molds we first create the acrylic blank, then we must mix pour and trim the final product. 
  • For wooden projects we must weed and potentially stain

Production is $10 per hour. Production can be between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending upon the intricacies of the project. 

MATERIALS - Cost of materials used to create your custom job. 

To make this nice and easy I will give you an easy example. A customer wants a 3 inch x 3 inch custom acrylic blank done and they provide us with an easy piece of art that is not an SVG yet (simple black and white no gradient no color). 

laser time - 7 min

prep time - 25 mins

Production time - 25 mins

Materials - $4

Final cost of acrylic blank would be $13.11


If you have any questions about our customization process please email us at


Custom Hand Tufted Rugs are calculated differently and figured into the square footage of the rug. Additional rates apply for any design over 6 colors.