Engraved Pet name Tag

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We all know that your fur baby is the cutest in town. Why not treat them to some fancy bling by getting a custom engraved tag just for them! Engraved tags can be filled with Gold, Silver, Black or White enamel. Each tag measures between 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches wide depending upon the length of your super cute pets name!  These items are made from acrylic so you can hand wash them with soap and water, but just like any other plastic, don't let your cutie chew on these tags. The clasps are metal and can be hooked on to leashes and harnesses alike! We recommend staying away from mirrored finishes if your pet is like Mr. T with lots of metal adornments hanging from their collar! We like to call these tags "ninja tags" because they don't sound like a symphony of bells when your little one is walking around the house! you might want to add a bell if you have a sneaky kitty!