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These adorable custom acrylic creations are made to hang on your bags, or even your rear view mirror! They can actually be hung anywhere you please, some people even use them as keychains! These are great gifts for sports teams, dance troops or groups of any kind. We can even customize them with your logo on the front, and names on the back. They are made with Acrylic and permanent vinyl. Small sized, are $8 and larger size are $10

Small size would be anything that fits in a 2inch x 2inch box. Large is anything that is larger than 2 inch squared, but no larger than 4 inches squared. $ inches squared is the largest we do in charms. 

Each charm will come with come with 3 beads and a clasp. We will discuss coloring when we discuss your custom order.

If you are looking for a custom with a logo you must have the logo artwork available!